Safety and Training Videos

Safety and Training videos are the preferred way to present information that needs to be repeated on a regular basis for your employees. The advantages are: 1) A well planned, consistent presentation every time. 2) A means to bring remote site examples and demonstrations to your audience instead of having to take the audience to each remote site. 3) Man hours are saved by your trainers not having to repeat the same presentation to multiple audiences. 4) You will have legal proof that your audience was trained and informed. Professionally produced videos will also keep your audiences attentive to the information they need to know so they remember the concepts.

Dow AgriSciences

This is an example of a pair of Safety Videos produced for Dow AgriSciences. This video was for Field Workers involved in Dow’s scientific experiments. Filming was done at Dow’s field stations in Puerto Rico and Indiana. Dow also asked Premiere Productions, Inc. to produce a Construction Safety Video.

Both these videos were also produced by Premiere Productions in multiple languages for worldwide distribution in English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese and Indonesian.

American Electric Power (AEP)

Premiere Productions has partnered multiple times with Safety Management Group of Indiana to produce Construction Safety Videos. This project was for one of the largest producers of electricity in the country. Multiple locations were used for filming; Oklahoma, Ohio, Virginia and West Virginia. The video was able to show their audiences multiple site examples to illustrate procedures and concepts without the audience having to go to these sites; a considerable time savings for AEP’s employees, contractors and trainers. Premiere Video Productions also produced Spanish versions for their Spanish speaking contractors.

The New Wishard Hospital

When Indiana’s busiest hospital was to begin construction on a new state-of-the-art facility they teamed with Safety Management Group and Premiere Productions to create a Safety Video for all workers and site visitors to view before they could go on site. Being a huge project and taking many years to complete, significant man-hours were saved by using a video for presentation.

The New Indianapolis Airport

One of the nation’s most modern airports was helped all during construction with Premiere Video Production’s Safety Video. A project of this nature has special considerations due to the huge scope of the project and the Federal Aviation Administration’s regulations as the old runways were still in use. Premiere Video Productions is proud to have played a role in the safe building of this magnificent new airport.