Marketing Videos

Marketing videos are one of the best ways to show off a company’s product because it shows the product in action and how well it works. Add to that the ability to bring in all sorts of other visual support material including high end graphics, illustrations and even testimonies from end users, and you have created a powerful venue for marketing your company’s product.


International giant Michelin Tire came to Purdue University to give a demonstration of its new Ag tire technology. Premiere Video Productions was contacted to videotape the event. At the end of the day of shooting, Michelin was so impressed with Premiere’s footage and concepts that they asked if Premiere was interested in taking the project further and creating the entire marketing video.

The end result was so well received that it went on to be translated into other languages and is used heavily worldwide by Michelin as a very successful marketing video. Read their response in the Client Comments on this page.

Lite Machines

Lite Machines is a micro-helicopter designer and manufacturer. Besides developing a next-generation unmanned aerial system for several branches of the U.S. military, they also created and manufacture Radio Controlled model helicopters for the general public. They approached Premiere Video Productions to show not only how they work but how much fun they are. Be sure to watch the end of this video as well as read the Client Comments on this page.

BioAnalytical Systems

BASi provides world-class research to the pharmaceutical industry globally. Besides providing contract laboratory services they also have invented and manufacture more than 30 scientific instruments. Premiere Productions was asked to create marketing videos highlighting several of their products.

Custom Cuts

Creating beautiful “hardscapes” is a speciality of Custom Cuts Landscaping. Matt Overman, president, asked Premiere Productions, Inc. to show off one of their projects – the amazing transformation of an old in-ground swimming pool to an inviting backyard living space.

Matt had this to say about the marketing videos produced by Premiere Video Productions:

“One of the biggest hurdles I have to overcome when I am presenting a landscape project to a potential client is helping people visualize exactly how this could look. Even though there is a landscape designer’s presentation on paper, I found that no amount of drawing, no amount of description, could make the connection. Our projects can be pretty sizeable investments, and the client needs to be able to see it before they commit.

I thought a video would be helpful to provide a visual example of what we can do- both at our trade fairs, but also one-on-one with a client. Premiere Productions had great ideas. It’s an art, taking the whole idea and bringing together the video shots, the interviews, and all the rough stuff and putting it into a finished project. They had the vision for what I needed and were able to walk us through and produce a very powerful, beautiful project for us.

Our video gives us a tool I am not seeing with any other similar company. The quality of the shots, the quality of the video; it really grabs people’s attention. I am absolutely not seeing this kind of quality from anyone else. A video like this is an investment in our company. It helps people make the connection with what we can do and without that connection, I do not have a sale. The videos have definitely been worth it.”

Matt Overman, Owner
Custom Cuts Landscaping