Fundraising Videos

Fundraising videos need to create a strong emotional appeal to your potential donors. By going out and gathering stories, examples and interviews for your audience, a well produced video can produce a very persuasive message by “tugging at the heart strings” of your listeners. Presenting information is important, but it is a well crafted emotional message that moves people to get involved.

Community Foundation

Community Foundations represent one of the fastest growing areas of philanthropy. The community foundation idea is simple: Anyone may use it to give something back to the community. Assets donated to the foundation create one of several types of funds to support the donor’s charitable goals.

Premiere Productions, Inc. was hired to create a video explaining to potential givers how a CF can help them meet needs in their community. Premiere took their concepts, developed a treatment of the subject and wrote the script. Production began with location shooting, and finished with a professional narrator, graphics development and editing to give them an informative piece to take out to the community.

Diocese of Lafayette

The Diocese of Lafayette, Indiana approached Premiere Video Productions to help them in developing a new fund raising presentation for their $8 million dollar appeal. Premiere Productions sat down with their staff to find the examples that would best tell their story to potential donors. The intent was to create a strong emotional appeal (persuasive message), not just give facts and figures (informative message) as other production companies had done for them in the past. You can read their response in the Client Comments on this page.

Museums at Prophetstown

The Museums at Prophetstown was looking for benefactors to create a multiple museum complex highlighting pioneer, agricultural and Native American life in the Midwest. Premiere Productions, Inc. was approached to develop a video to highlight the project and appeal for donations and the community to get involved.