Educational Videos

Educational videos have distinct advantages over other forms of presentations. Learners cannot only hear concepts explained but can see examples and processes in action; and the learner doesn’t even have to travel outside the classroom to experience all this. The camera brings multiple examples and experts from virtually anywhere to the classroom setting. Video is the perfect way to bring difficult concepts to life.

Purdue University CERIAS

Purdue University’s “Center for Education and Research in Information Assurance and Security” (CERIAS) engaged Premiere Video Productions of Lafayette, Indiana to produce an educational video to inform companies of online dangers if internet security is not addressed.

Presenting these concepts through video provided a challenge as they were abstract ideas without many concrete visuals to work with. Premiere Productions took up the challenge and wrote the video script using analogies. From the script, video shooting was completed, then graphic compositing. Professional narration and music create the sound track. All these are then brought together into the final edit.

American Electric Power Environmental

Environmental Compliance is an important issue for many companies. Besides keeping up with Federal EPA Regulations, companies realize that protecting our environment is the right thing to do. To make sure all their workers and contractors are aware of environmental impact while working in potentially sensitive areas, Premiere Video Productions teamed up with American Electric Power and Safety Management Group of Indiana to create this Environmental Compliance video.