Documentary Videos

Documentary videos are used to bring important issues to the attention of your audience, often a community or even larger audience. This genre often incorporates both informative and persuasive messages at the same time. The strength of a video presentation is that it not only tells your story, but also can bring a story with powerful images, a professional narrator, interviews, graphic illustrations and music in a very powerful way, unmatched by any other form of communications.

Sheriff’s Department

 This is 1 of 4 different videos created for various Sheriff’s Departments. The first video prompted other Sheriffs to contact Premiere Productions to create similar videos for their departments. The videos are in documentary form and used to create community involvement by airing on broadcast TV, played to community groups as well as schools. These videos highlight all the services provided by their Sheriffs’ Departments; Enforcement, Corrections, Bomb Team, SWAT, Water Rescue, K-9 and more. The videos are also used to recruit new officers.

Wabash River Parkway

 Working with the governor of Indiana, the Indiana State Legislature, Indiana corporations and the Wabash River Parkway Commission, this informative and beautiful environmental protection documentary, written and produced by Premiere Video Productions, highlights the history, challenges and future plans for the Wabash River.